Sunday, July 10, 2005

False premises lead to rejection

“All man-made religion stupidly imagines two false premises. First, that God is against us. Second, that our own painful effort, galling sacrifice, and religious observances will pacify and soften His wrath. Self, self-service, and self-sacrifice, mixed with good works, are the foundations of all religions, including the ‘streamlinged unbelief’ of the Twentieth Century, which generally but quite inappropriately goes by the name of Christianity.

“Few, perhaps, in any ‘Christian’ church will actually substitute something they can do for Christ, and deliberately say, ‘I will not be saved by Christ.’ Many, however, do zealously strive to put something of their own making, Cain-like, along with Christ. It is generally the Bible and Christ; or feelings and Christ; or the Virgin Mary and Christ; or the Church and Christ; or my dead level best and Christ; or prayer and Christ. All these are but subtle forms of unbelief and an evasive form of Christ rejection.”

Building Gold, Silver and Precious Stones, N. A. Woychuk, 1947, 1955, 1995.