Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Love Thy Body

As part of the launch team for Love Thy Body, by Nancy Pearcey, I have been reading this new book for the last four weeks or so.

I learned a lot. It is challenging to read, stretching my mind. I feel like I have come upon the scene of a horrible catastrophe (earthquake, hurricane, plane crash, ...) and I want to dive in to rescue and restore as many as possible.

What do abortion, euthanasia, and transgenderism have in common? They all share a common worldview which declares the body to be relatively meaningless, exalting the mind, and separating being a person from being human.
This book goes deep into the mire of modern immorality to find the underlying assumptions, misconceptions, and outright lies that mute the consciences of many. The post-modern worldview demeans the body, declaring it meaningless, and in the names of "freedom" and "choice" drifts away into whatever the mind presently conceives.

Buy this book and study it to learn what is happening in our present world, and taught in our schools, from kindergarten to post-graduate; to begin to understand the danger and the challenge or it all; and to arm yourself with tools to help those who are suffering. Two quotations:

"Christians need to help people see that the secular view of human nature does not fit who people are. It does not match the real world. As a result, it is inevitably destructive, both personally and socially."

"Christians must also show compassion to those who are pressured by a pomosexual [post-modern sexual] society to despise their own bodies and reject their biological identity. Loving God means loving those who bear his image in the world, helping to liberate people who are trapped by destructive and dehumanizing ideas."

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