Monday, November 13, 2006

Death in the Womb

James S-C, 11/12/2006: "Why is the abortion topic labeled as pro-choice and pro-life, when those who want to be pro-choice do not give the person who matters a choice? Let's face it, the two sides are really pro-death and pro-life. For such an advanced race that we are, we still allow murder even if we have laws against it. We try to hide it under various names, but it is still murder.

"Yes, a human being can be aborted and people will think nothing of it because, after all, it is only a thing. But, now if we took the same action against an animal, we would have broken all kinds of laws and we would receive massive punishment for that action. Now, I am not saying we should be cruel to animals; I just don't see where in the Bible God tells us that animals are valued more than people." More...

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