Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ready, Set, ... Chew!

From Tricia Deaton (my daughter):

"SO much has happened this year. On this side of the fire, I am so thankful to have gone through it. (emphasis on "this" side) But through it I have learned to praise in it, and NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING is as precious to me now as my time with Jesus. I still have to kick this body out of bed in the mornings sometimes to get up for prayer and the Word. But NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING is as fulfilling, healing, purpose giving, doubt destroying, encouraging, joy filling, boldness- and strength-giving as the WORD. PUT IT IN YOUR HEART. MEMORIZE IT, QUOTE IT, SAY IT, SPREAD IT...memorize it, quote it, say it, spread it...TO WHOEVER WILL LISTEN, even if that is just you and Jesus.

"Speaking of Jesus, SEE HOW MANY TIMES IN A DAY YOU CAN MENTION HIS NAME TO SOMEONE. Jesus is the WORD, and He said we have to eat the WORD as bread. READY, SET AND ... CHEW!!!
He who hears My word
and believes Him who sent Me
has eternal life,
and does not come into judgment,
but has passed out of death into life.
(John 5:24)

"So -- get into the WORD." [ Tricia Deaton, in her blog. ]

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